Fox Head Stores

Poma Retail Development is proud when we’re rewarded for going above and beyond. In this scenario, after the Fox Head Store was complete (during the week of Christmas / New Years), our client asked us if we could get actual dirt from a motocross racetrack and deliver it to the store. Of course, our answer was, “NO PROBLEM”! Lucky for us, there was an actual Super Cross event at Anaheim Stadium that weekend. Tony was able to use his connections and got a truckload of dirt from the track. He and a friend then delivered the dirt filling all of the fixtures themselves.

We were also given a six week lead time to purchase mannequins that were “Terminator inspired torso and leg forms”. These are not items that you can purchase from a catalog! We jumped at the opportunity!

Poma Retail Development has been instrumental in the design and development, (directing the architect and vendors) of the Fox Head retail Stores. We managed the vendors and saved money building out 13 projects with an average savings of $50K per unit. Leveraging our buying power improved purchasing cost for Fox Head and worked to value engineer the program in an effort to drive the Capex costs even lower.

Over a period of 2.5 years we Built 20 projects for Fox and currently are working on building an additional 5 to 7 over the next year.  PRD put the entire Fox Development Program together, managing the Development Calendar and logistics for the vendors and projects on behalf of the client. We have also established a Repair & Maintenance program for Fox, again allowing the retailer to focus on what they do best.