Robert Graham

From a store design concept to a robust retail rollout partnership.

Robert Graham would never accept something as simple as a dressing room bench. They wanted something unique and showed us a photo of a “scrub brush bench” that they’d seen on the internet. After our research, Poma Retail Development discovered that it was an art piece in an art gallery and it was not for sale. We determined the materials that were needed to recreate the piece so that we could have it fabricated. We found the right fabricator for the project and managed the development of the prototype. We think it turned out great (So did Robert Graham).

While developing the fixture program for Robert Graham retail stores, they gave us a few photos and a phrase to give us design direction; “Vintage Luxury Vehicles and Aircraft”… think Chris Craft Boats or Vintage Bugatti. We then sourced and oversaw the design direction of this unique POS station that was custom fabricated from three DC-9 stabilizers.

Needless to say, it’s become a Robert Graham signature piece that is used in all of their stores.